Design your Story

Understanding your business and where you want to go is key to delivering your message effectively.

Target your ideal customer, look at your offering from their perspective and design your message in a way that fits your audience.

Deliver your message

With a clear message, clever design of information and delivery through the appropriate channels you can remove the noise from your communications.

Deliver your message clearly and effectively to encourage your customer to listen and to engage.

Engage with your customers

Technology today offers so many great ways to interact and engage with customers, anytime & anywhere. Learn how to take advantage of all the tools and resources available to deliver your message.

Devise a plan to better engage and interact with your customers.

Clients & Projects

I currently offer many services; information design, website design and maintenance, conceptual consultancy, copy creation and editing, posters, adverts, wordpress, database design, digital marketing consultancy, social media advice and much more. I am happy to discuss your project with you face to face, by email and over the phone. Please do not hesitate to call or mail me. +353873151559 or


I work with clients in many different industries, on varying projects. This is a sample of these clients:

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I am based in Limerick and am happy to meet you to discuss your project or ideas.
I am also happy to work via email or over the phone.
Please do not hesitate to call or mail me. +353873151559 or